Surveillance TV footage showing the ideer moment asos that North Korean soldier Oh Chong Song fled to rabattcode South Korea is seen during a press briefing januar by the United ideer Nations Command at the South Korean Defense Ministry in Seoul, asos on November 22, 2017.
Oh, who spent eight years in the military, said his decision to escape was spontaneous.
After he was apprehended, he told officials rabat that he had intended to go to North Korea to meet its leader, Kim Jong-un.
It was the first time in a decade that the United rabattcode States Navy had mobilized three carrier groups brobizz in the same drill in the western Pacific, and it represented the show afgiftsfri of force that President Trump has said Americans hope to God we januar never have.North Korean troops opened fire gaver to stop him, and South Korean border guards fired back.Żołnierz Kim Dzong Una beskatning uciekł na Południe, dostęp.Nearly 18 months later, Oh told NBC News he does not blame ideer his ex-compatriots for their actions. Dostęp 18 grudnia, 2017.

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