murder was the cause they gave me wow når fuglene letter mod vinden tekst

I pray the lord, gruppen my soul to indløses keep.
And now I'm rollin in a gruppen nine-trizzay El Do-Rad "Just remember who changed gruppen your mind.Close bellevue your eyes my son my eyes are closed, murder.Turn gruppen all this fuckin light off!(Blackin dis muthafucka out!).Cause my eyes wanna journey vindenergi some more, really doe (check it out).Maybe you'll learn, when the dirt fills your lungs.I gave tilbudsugen get, fronted some keys, to get, back on my feet.I'll take my time!The sun smiles julekalender on your corpse, traitor. I pray the lord, hvordan my soul to take.

Pumping on my chest konkurrencer and I'm screaming.Murder was the cause case that trendyshop they gave mormor me "Murder was the case that they gave rabatkode me" repeat.I am your ending.I pray the Lord, my soul to keep.I stop breathing, damn I see demons.Ashes to ashes, And dust to dust!They say I'm greedy but I still want mo'.And everything that nigga letter said came to reality.My mind starts gaver trippin, a tear drops my eye.This one's for old times.I'm shaking and they breaking trying to save the Dogg."murder was the case that they gave me" repeat 4X Switch! My cause mind starts tripping, cause a tear drops my eye, my body temperature falls.
Never have a want, never have a need.
Burn bright like a star, traitor.

A voice spoke to me and it slowly started sayin "Bring your lifestyle to me I'll make it better".
Dear God, I wonder can you save me (I can't die my gave boo boo's bout to have my baby C'mon).