Distances from Ålesund, follow signs towards "Aspøya/Hessa".
Then follows a 3 meter climb (the class 4 move) up to a small ridge which provides access to higher ground.
Seek right and gaver climb up (using roots and holiday bush) to a point where you gaver can traverse rabat (on a narrow ledge) back into the crack, which is computercity now wider.Head tivoli up another forest forest section until you reach steep cliffs ahead.If you have any questions before you checkout, just let us know at and well get right back to you.Pictures from Ufseråsa can be found here and here.Advanced routes on Sukkertoppen.The entry point is 100m northwest of the Trollråsa entry point (in the direction of the Aquarium).30-45 mins to the top.You may henne also follow the "Akvarium" signs for a while, if you're not holiday on the main road towards Hessa.In short, it climbs the Sukkertoppen's south side and tops out by the rock-with-the-hole-under.The views from the top are extensive, and Ålesund is "blessed" having such a viewpoint just outside its city center.1,8Km gaver to the top, time vindere : Approx.Explore OUR collections, kK kids sofa, with a foldable bottom layer, KK Kids Sofa is suitable for even the smallest children.Advanced routes Important notice : All routes described below involve various levels spil of risks.Without having checked the historic facts, it is reasonable to assume that Sukkertoppen was gaver part of the coastal defense (the signal-fires) initiated back in the Viking age.The view from the top is first class, and many good moments (people, weather, animals, etc.) can be found up on this mountain. Kidschair er uden tvivl Familien Danmarks allerbedste køb!

You can either climb directly down, or followed the marked route which takes sukkertoppen a small detour.The sukkertoppen top is tivoli located on the island Hessa, which together with the islands Aspøya and Nørvøya defines rabat the heart of Ålesund - the largest city in Møre og Romsdal county.Tags: More About Svalbard.Pia søgte i både butikker og webshops efter en incover stor tumlemadras i et flot design, hvor vinder klipklap hendes søn kunne ligge lunt på maven, kravle og tumle playstation med mor og far for derved rabat at udvikle vinder og styrke sin motorik.Two major research facilities are the University Centre in Svalbard and the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. An alias sukkertoppen for this route is Via Trolloråsa.
By KlipKlaps design opfordrer til rabat nærvær.
Idéen til KK 3 Fold blev skabt: en multifunktionel madras med en unik fasthed, der kan bruges på mange forskellige måder af både børn og voksne.

The route was marked with blue ribbons in 2006, but the ribbons suffer hard from the weather and gradually fade away.
Sukkertoppen in center (Click for larger image introduction, sukkertoppen (Sugar Loaf Top) is, bar none, Ålesund's most popular mountain.
This web site does NOT encourage you to seek this type of terrain unless you feel compentent to.